Other mapping projects

This is a collection of mostly one-off map requests or samples from sets.

LA MOSCA The Target

“The Target is an exciting chase game that is unique in the world. You will be playing a video game with the city as the setting.  A dangerous gangster has just escaped from prison. A client will give him money for every crime he commits.

Three policemen are sent to catch him, before he has managed to collect € 1,000,000.  The gangster has to steal (virtual) objects that are located all over the city to be able to commit the crimes: a knife, a rope ladder, explosives, etc. Every time he steals an object or commits a crime, however, the gangster leaves a trail for the police teams.

Thanks to the satellites, the police teams are able to localize the gangster every 6 minutes. They can also check continuously how far away they are from the gangster.  But the gangster knows how to intercept the satellite signals and is given the same information as the players on his screen... and he has a few special defences to shake off any police pursuit, like the mines or the bullet-proof vest.

Will the police succeed in disabling the gangster before he has achieved his goal?”

I met Kristof, owner of La Mosca, in 2006 via freelancer.com.  I won a bid on a project and we have been working together ever since.  It’s a wonderful and exciting way to play a city game and I commend him for his originality and use of combining mapping and technology. To-date, I have created 170 cards and 330 customized maps for La Mosca, The Target city game.

View La Mosca in action at http://lamosca.be/games/the-target/

The brief

- Design a map spec to fit in with the La Mosca brand

- Create a sliceable grid over the map that will not have any text running over the edges so that it can be displayed on a standard GPS-enabled cellular device screen (120px per slice)

- Research and collect information from various reference sources on the internet so that the map is nearest to actual structures on the ground

- Source and fit street names and other applicable labels